Company Team

Company Team-2(10)

Yuqiang Su


The founder and chairman of Dongguan Yuhuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., who was born in the 1970s, has worked hard in the screw industry for more than 20 years. He has enjoyed a good reputation in the screw industry since he was a novice and started from scratch. We affectionately call him the "Prince of Screws". In 2016, he obtained the EMBA diploma from Peking University, and in 2017, he established the "original point health center" of public welfare.

Company Team-2(9)

Zhou Zheng

Director of Engineering Department

Engaged in the fastener industry for many years, responsible for product drawing design, product research and development, assembly problem guidance, has very rich experience in fastener product research and development, and provides engineering technical support for customers.

Company Team-2 (4)

Jianjun Zheng

Head of Production Department

Responsible for the starting process of screws, fasteners and other products. He has been employed for more than 10 years. He has rich management experience in production, works meticulously and conscientiously.

Company Team-2 (3)

Hongyong Tang

Head of Production Department

Responsible for the tooth rubbing process of screw fastener products, as well as the production and development of special customized products, and put forward improvement plans for new products for many times, and successfully developed and solved the use problems for customers.

Company Team-2 (2)

Rui Li

Head of Quality Department

Put forward and reform the quality control process for many times, improve the efficiency and effect of testing; Respond quickly to quality problems and provide solutions for customers.

Company Team-2 (1)

Cherry Wu

Foreign Trade Manager

More than ten years of foreign trade experience, good at discovering the real needs of customers and providing services for this purpose; The most common saying is "we should think from the perspective of customers"